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When you buy a new peanut harvesting blade, you have a number of important choices to make. Beveled edges, smooth sides, and hardened steel edges all play an important role in maximizing efficiency and speed in the field. In addition, the blade should be sharp and nearly flat with a slight lift in the rear. Most peanut harvesting blade come with either a beveled or smooth side. The beveled side works well in hard soil while the smooth side is better suited for softer soils. You can also find blades with a hardened steel edge, which offers extended life and a sharper edge. Smooth side The peanut harvesting process begins with a well-shaped, sharp blade that starts and ends in the field. Most blades are beveled, which offers an aggressive digging action, and smooth for softer soils. However, hardened steel edges are available for a longer working life and a sharper edge. The best blades are well suited to the soil conditions in which they are planted. But when determining which type of blade to buy, it’s important to consider several factors. The cutting assembly 12 includes a plurality of triangular-shaped side plates that are resiliently held to a hub 834. The peanuts are then transversely combed by the cross-bars and transported to a stripper. This method increases the efficiency of peanut harvesting. While some rakes are designed to comb the peanuts, many do not. In those cases, the strips are angled upward. Beveled side The first step in peanut harvesting is to pick up a well-sharpened, nearly flat peanut harvesting blade. Ideally, the blades have a slight lift in the rear for more aggressive digging. Most peanut harvesting blades are beveled on 1 side, while smooth-sided ones are better suited for softer soils. Hardened steel edges promise sharper cutting edges for longer use. A peanut harvester may also have a vine strip-spreading mechanism. This attachment includes a rack and a column with a lifting mechanism. The cutting assembly 12 has a severing mechanism for peanut vines. The peanut harvester may also include a planting attachment, such as a digging shovel. The cutting assembly and the conveyor are connected to a power take off shaft 21 located on the tractor’s frame. Hardened steel edges If you are considering purchasing a new peanut harvesting blade, be sure to choose 1 with hardened steel edges. Depending on your field conditions, a sharp edge is necessary for maximum productivity. Peanut harvesting requires many simultaneous operations, including digging, inversion, shaking, and overhead viewing. A properly equipped blade will increase efficiency and minimize injury. A few other important features to consider include the material, synchronization, and speed. The plow blade is made of steel, which has specific tensile and aesthetic properties. When steel is not properly hardened, they will develop uneven edges. This makes them less effective for threshing through thickly overgrown ground. Steel blades are made of steel, and they heat up to high temperatures during the hardening process. This process increases the tensile strength of the steel. The higher the yield strength, the better.

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